"It is the spirit of the child that can determine the course of human progress and lead it perhaps even to a higher form of civilization."

Dr. Maria Montessori

Why UMA?

Montessori Teacher Training…How do you Choose?!

Choosing a Montessori teacher certification program can be a decision of a lifetime. Some basic essentials to look for in the best Montessori teacher training program that meets your personal needs:

  1. Quality and comprehensiveness of the curriculum
  2. Reputation and longevity of the organization
  3. Experience and support of the staff

The UMA Program

Quality, Reputation, Experience…

UMA developed the first all on-line Montessori teacher training program, worldwide. UMA purposefully unites the components of Montessori philosophy with the Montessori didactic apparatus in a finely balanced program. The UMA program not only trains the future educator in Montessori theory and educational application, but also comprehensively prepares the adult for understanding the child, by relating to one’s own childhood experiences.  The latter focus was strongly emphasized by Dr. Maria Montessori, however, is often either overlooked or understated.

Each student’s lesson plans center on individual counsel from a senior staff evaluator – a seasoned, Master Montessorian. This personalized guidance helps students feel deeply connected with their course of study, fully preparing them for a rewarding career in Montessori education.

If you’re serious about joining the finest on-line Montessori teacher training program, UMA is the choice for you.