"Man's true nature lies hidden within himself. And this nature, which was given him at conception, must be recognized and allowed to grow."

Dr. Maria Montessori

The Program

The UMA Montessori teacher certification training program is a distance-learning program. Students participate through an online virtual campus. Lessons include video tutorials, essay notes, quizzes, and classroom conferencing. The curriculum provides a thorough presentation and understanding of the following: 

  • Introduction to Montessori 
  • Montessori Principles and Early Childhood Development… Includes an inner look at your own early childhood years. 
  • The Adult-Child Relationship in the Classroom… Evaluating various behavior scenarios. 
  • The Montessori Academic Apparatus…Classroom setup, Montessori material presentations, and album projects. 
  • Parent-Teacher Relationships. Includes Parent Handbook for school handout and child evaluation samples for parent conferences. 
  • Course Review and Final Exam.