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Adventure on the Playground!

You are never too old to enjoy your "inner child!"

Yesterday, three of us at UMA took a "field trip" out to Bainbridge Island, WA (John Shepard-UMA Administrator, Laveeta Sweeney-UMA Evaluator, Trudy Coumou Shepard-Director of Ed)... On our journey, we discovered a most amazing children's playground at Battlepoint Park. Being true Montessorians (!) we, of course, HAD to experience for ourselves the joy of climbing, crawling, exploring, discovering, and playing with other children...

I'm sure Maria would have approved! Enjoy the photos...we highly recommend that you try this yourself active participants and not just passive observers...that you may, too, may re-discover the joys of childhood!

Last but not least, this street sign on Bainbridge Island is named after John Shepard's grandfather, the island's one doctor who owned the island's first automobile - a fun historical fact! 



Natural Playgrounds

Continuing our Earth Day theme....Natural Playgrounds Company has the right idea: A lower carbon footprint, safe and more sustainable, plus they have a higher play value (discovery oriented). Check it out the video and be inspired!

Natural Playgrounds Company



NY Times: Unpacking Imagination

It is time we unleash our imaginations on the problems children face everywhere.  What a wonderful example of this from the Week in Review, NY Times: