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Spring Hyacinth

Spring is around the corner! Here's a sweet and simple project for your art shelf.

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from meetthedubiens.com


It's Almost Spring!

March 20th is the first day of spring. Need a craft idea to help celebrate the upcoming season?

Claudia Nieze,* UMA graduate from Burlington, Wisconsin, shares a spring art project she introduced to Cal Bischoff. Cal will be 2 years old at the end of the month - Claudia has been his nanny since he was 5 months. "Now that Cal is getting older, I try to incorporate more lessons and crafts into his day." 

    Thank you for sharing, Claudia Nieze and Cal's parents - the Bischoffs!

       And thank you, Cal! ...You look very proud of yourself!

*A special congratulations to Claudia Nieze who is now Director/Administrator of Montessori Children's House - Burlington, Wisconsin.