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PNMA Spring Sharing Fair - Seattle 2012

On Saturday the 28th, the staff at UMA attended the annual PNMA Sharing Fair, which was held at the lovely Bellevue Montesori School - Bellevue, Washington. So many creative ideas were shared by many of the Montessori teachers and interns residing in the area. In the upcoming week, we will be sharing many of these inspiring ideas with come back to visit!

Laveeta Sweeney, UMA Staff (visiting from Washington DC), at the interior entrance of BMS:

Just a few of the vendors & workshop presenters we met:

Marshall Balick and his wife Megan Jepson are the owners of Montessori 123. Their materials are stunningly beautiful (their new website to be up in a few weeks). Stay tuned for information about a discount opportunity for UMA students and UMA members in upcoming blog:

Montessorian, Marnie Stromseth's workshop on "Movement and Cognitiive Development" as she shared how fundamental locomotor skills can be encouraged in the classroom and on the playground... here she demonstraties child-sized stilts: 

Brad Meyer ( held a fun and informative workshop entitled "Hammers and Nails"...demonstrating tools, techniques, and safety for constructing simple woodworking projects, using a heavy-duty workbench designed for children:

Rowbes, the Puppeteer...True, these are fantasy characters, but he and his "pals" definitely made us giggle: