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Entries in Montessori leadership (2)


Interview with Jonathan Wolff, Montessori Educator and Leader

Right now, so many Montessori schools are faced with the challenges of a downward economy and all the issues that come with it. What an encouragement to interview Jonathan Wolff, a leadership and educational consultant, with over 30 years experience in dealing with the complex school and societal issues. In this interview, he was insightful and down to earth about what we can explore with our staff, parents and children within our schools and our Montessori community. Much to consider!

Here's the interview:

For more about Jonathan, go to his website at:


Seven Essential Traits of Leaders (cont.)

Leaders must be a member of the group and share in the group's basic values and goals. This does not imply that to lead one must fraternize or be informally friendly with the group. Acting as if no differences in responsibility and status exist between you and the group may decrease your effectiveness as a leader.

 This can be a fine line to walk. You must be member of the group in the sense that you identify with your employees and they identify with you. If you move too far from the group, you will lose your leadership. To be a leader, you must be identified by your employees as a group member. At the same time, you must not become "one of the guys or girls" to the extent that you submerge your position and status. This means that you should be sociable, friendly, and helpful, but not necessarily an intimate friend of each or any of the members of the group.

This has a great deal to do with boundaries which is worth exploring. Make a mental assessment of the boundaries you have within your group or school staff. Perhaps even with parents of students.