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Push Pin Shapes

There are so many great reasons to have push-pin work in the classroom, such as developing fine-motor skills, concentration, precision, confidence (a pre-scissors tool for the younger ones)...plus, in this case, reinforcement of shape recognition. Shown here are Shape Book examples with the Montessori Metal Insets and Geometric Cabinet. The use of a corn cob holders are ideal for this type of work (see tool in center).  

Thanks to the PNMA 2011 Sharing Fair for another great idea!


Sign Language 

Here is a sign language activity displayed at the 2011 Seattle Spring Sharing Fair. It consists of matching the sign language sign to each letter of the alphabet. Easy to make and add to your classroom! 

Suggestion: When creating the alphabet strips and cards, use lower case letters.


Language: Sound Bucket with Dominic, part 1

Here is an impromptu demonstration of a homemade Montessori “Sound Bucket,” presented in the home of a little boy named Dominic, 3+ years old