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Entries in montessori history project (2)


History: Matching Exercise, original project

Stefanie Arcaini of Rome, Italy shares her original History lesson in the form of a matching exercise. You can secure this sheet on heavy cardstock, laminate, provide a dry-erase marker (and eraser) and allow the child to draw a line from each “past” picture to its matching “present” picture.

Matching Exercise, Stefanie Arcaini


You can also turn this into a card-matching exercise. Simply cut out each picture, create 8 laminated cards, and play a matching game. Fun!...and a great tool for further dialogue.


History: Making a Timeline

Paula Whitaker of Redmond, Washington shares her original project of “Timeline for Light.”

Materials needed:
-1 Tray
-1 Worksheet with 4 pictures of lighting, with dotted lines to cut out
-1 Blank sheet with divided lines to paste on the pictures to make a timeline
-1 Glue stick
-1 Control chart with correct sequence