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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You don’t have to spend a fortune on educational activities for the classroom. Create your own! Many supplies can be found around the house (magazines, kitchen cupboards...) or in thrift stores. Just make sure that everything is clean and in beautiful condition. (A laminator is important for protecting cards, labels, and posters.)

Share your own ideas and photos! Email:

Vivian Thomas Shi, UMA student and owner of Learning Tree Montessori School in Seattle, WA invited us to come to her Open House this Saturday. Her lovely school is located in a home in the area of Columbia City. We took a few photos of some of the hand-made items in the classroom, which Vivian is happy to share with the UMA Montessori community.

Below is a Sensorial activity- a basket of "smelling bottles" filled with interesting spice scents:

Signs of nature abound in any authentic Montessori classroom. Vivian holds up a yam that the children can watch grow both roots and leaves:

Vivian has a well-stocked Science area. Here is a bowl with various objects to be sorted into two categories- “living” and “non-living” (you can also make a chart with “organic” and “non-organic”):

Also found in the Science area- matching animal objects to picture/word cards:

And in the Science/Geography area-  matching a clear glass jar of soil, of air, and of water to the AIR, WATER, and LAND control cards. Included were separate cards for Air, Water, and Land identification.

Hopefully this blog post will inspire you to create some of your own projects for the classroom or home. Share them with us!