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Entries in Montessori Grace and Courtesy (1)


A Boy and his Tea Set

Daphnea Solomon, owner/director of Children's House Montessori - Tupelo, sent us this priceless photo of her son, now a teenager... From the archives of the Solomon Montessori Home:


"Hayden serving up some hot (warm) tea to mama and then himself from his glass tea set. As you can see, 'every boy NEEDS a glass tea set'! This was the summer before kindergarten. I think he was covered in mud from head to toe about an hour after this picture. He's a well rounded kid, I have to say!"

So what are all the benefits?

Grace, Poise, Courtesy, Concentration, Hand-eye Coordination, Refinement of Movement (gentle hands), Balance (carrying), Confidence, Self Control, Respect, Independence, Appreciation for Beauty, Order, Responsiblity...

The Joy of Serving Others!



Side note: If you are planning to provide a tea set at home or in the classroom, NO PLASTICS! Glassware or porcelain is essential.