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Entries in Montessori geography (2)


Backyard Rock Garden

Thanks to Maria Garcia, UMA student from Fayetteville, NC:

"I want to share these pictures with you. This is a rock garden that I built for the Child Care Center where I work. I'm so proud of it because I actually built it myself. Usually my husband is the 'handyman' of the house, but since he is in Korea, he told me how to do it and I did it myself."




How special to be able to create something with our own hands and be able to share this gift with our children! We envision children enjoying many hands-on hours exploring and manipulating these beautiful rocks found in nature. 


May's Contest Winner: Australian Animal Matching

Laura MacIntyre, director of 12 Bridges Montessori School  in Lincoln, CA is the winner of this month's contest - Geography theme.  She wins a $50 gift coupon. Congratulations, Laura! 

Curriculum Area:
Title of Lesson: Australian Animal Matching 
Age Group: 3-5 yrs. 
Direct Aim: Use the Animals of Australia to Introduce the Continent of Australia. 

1. Photos of Australian Animals 
2. Basket with Matching animal figures 



Brief Steps in Presentation: 

1. Place mat on floor. 

2. Explain that these animals are from Australia. 

3. Pick up picture of animal 

4. Say the name of the animal 

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until all pictures are laid out on mat 

6. Pick up first animal figure 

7. Say the name of the animal 

8. Match the animal to the appropriate photo 

9. Place animal below the photo. 

10. Repeat steps 8 & 9 until all animals are laid out on mat 

Variations/Extensions: Use a different continent 

Laura used natural materials such as a wooden tray, a basket, and a woven mat. Her photos were clear and the picture cards realistic. Plus, the animal figures matched the pictures very well. The placement of the cards and figures were in a proper left-to-right order on the tray. She also used a "Montessori-friendly" font for easy letter recognition. Well done, Laura...this activity looks attractive and inviting!