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Easter - A different Twist

Let's face it, Easter is a time when emphasis is placed on the Easter bunny, plastic eggs and baskets, lots of sweet treats, fluffy toy lambs, wind-up bunnies and battery-operated peeping chicks. We would like to offer just a few simple ideas for your next year's celebration, based on some Montessori ideas we (the Shepard's) incorporated into our own family traditions this Easter.

The dilemma and solution:

  • It's Easter...what does it really mean? Make a miniature "resurrection garden" which the children can touch and retell the story, visually and tactiley. Just set it out and let the story unfold through the eyes of the child.


  • All those plastics! What are we teaching our children about the environment? Resuse (or make) a cloth bag in lieu of an "Easter basket" and hide real eggs (colored naturally).


  • How do we create an atmosphere of sharing and cooperation, and not competition? Provide one bag to two or more children (mixed ages). Assign a certain number of eggs to find (12). When all done, count them all out together as a family, and then discover the fun (hands-on) "surprises" at the bottom of the bag. 

Making bubbles:


Testing out the "Woopee Cushion":


Even baby enjoyed the outdoor festivities!

  • And how do you avoid those sugary treats? Easy...don't serve them! We chose to provide veggie snacks, curried ginger-carrot soup as the main brunch entree, home-baked rolls, green salad, and fresh fruit for dessert. All organic and all "kid" approved...everything was gobbled up! (Follow Trudy Coumou Shepard on PINTEREST and get some great ideas for creative and healthy food ideas)

Whatever your faith tradition, may you have many happy, healthy, cherished times with family!

~ A Happy Passover to our Jewish friends ~