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The Outdoor Classroom

Sylvia Muccillo, UMA Teacher Trainer and long-time owner/director of Peachtree City Montessori School (near Atlanta, Georgia), shares a few photos of the beautiful outdoor extension of her equally beautiful indoor classroom. Click on the photo, below, to see photos on the United Montessori Association Facebook Page.


The Montessori Classroom

A brief introduction to the Montessori classroom. Enjoy! 

The Montessori Classroom: "The Three Year Cycle" from zac potterfield on Vimeo.



Helping Each Other

The children always delight in helping to care for the environment. Here is one way to make sure everyone gets a turn in the Montessori classroom.

This chart lists daily classroom responsiblities with assigned names and can be posted on the wall. This, by the way, also prevents the classroom animals from being over fed by too many eager helpers!  

Tasks Indicated:

  • Count Total (how many children)
  • Crumb Catcher (cleaning up snack crumbs)
  • Dusting Shelves
  • Fish Care (may be other animals as well)
  • Laundry
  • Lights (turn off when leaving to save energy)

For the non-readers in the classroom, you may post a photo of the child next to his/her name for easy recognition. 


How to Swaddle a Baby


Choosing a life-like and life-sized doll is important when placing this activity on your Practical Life shelf. Although the demonstration sheet, below, states the targeted age level as 6-9, one could confidently place this in the primary-age classroom as well.

How to swaddle a baby (step-by-step visual instructions):

How to diaper a baby...with a cloth diaper (preferred) and with disposable diaper:

The demonstration sheet, contributed by Kaori Fujita:


History: Matching Exercise, original project

Stefanie Arcaini of Rome, Italy shares her original History lesson in the form of a matching exercise. You can secure this sheet on heavy cardstock, laminate, provide a dry-erase marker (and eraser) and allow the child to draw a line from each “past” picture to its matching “present” picture.

Matching Exercise, Stefanie Arcaini


You can also turn this into a card-matching exercise. Simply cut out each picture, create 8 laminated cards, and play a matching game. Fun!...and a great tool for further dialogue.


Math: Original Project

A fun activity for classroom or home!

May Brymn from Silver Spring Maryland shares her Math original project for UMA. She uses all natural materials...wood tray and glass candle holders. Very inviting!



Montessori Original Project-Geography: Costumes Around the World

UMA student, Tracey Corbishley from Christchurch, New Zealand shares this beautiful Geography activity that she created for her UMA original project.

Materials used:
1. Tray
2. Mat
3. Bag titled ‘felt costumes’.
Inside is a large felt board and a booklet. Booklet contains a picture on each page depicting a male and female in their country’s national dress. Each page is labeled with the country’s name as well as each article of clothing with its correct name.
4. Box titled ‘felt costumes’.
Inside the box is divided into nine different compartments incorporating: robes (and felt bodies), pants, skirts, tops, headwear, hair, footwear, jewellery and accessories.

Tracey writes:

What I learned from creating this original project:
I really wanted to create an activity that did not use cards this time. I’m also a perfectionist and found it quite challenging (but interesting) to find the best ways to decorate the felt to look as close as possible to the pictures. I was quite amazed at the amount of plastic containers there are in the shops. Since my materials and crafty bits are still in boxes, I went searching for plain storage options of natural materials and found that quite difficult. Everything is plastic and brightly colored. I enjoyed working on something totally different and my 12 year old daughter has enjoyed working with this activity as well.

Brief overall summary of my demonstration:

My neighbor’s daughter, Claire, is 4 years old and not a Montessori child, so she found it hard to sit still and watch, She was very keen to touch all the felts. I waited till she was paying attention and them demonstrated the activity to her. When I let her work at the activity I sat back and watched, noting with interest her smile on her face as she carefully held all the pieces, talking quietly to herself, whether they were the right piece, comparing to the picture and then deciding yes or no.

What I learned from the child’s response:
Felts have always been interesting for children to work with. Claire was no exception. Although she could not read the written words, she was still interested in making up the correct outfit that matched the booklet.


Audio Interview with Lori Bourne of Montessori for Everyone!

UMA's weekly interview is with Lori Bourne of Montessori for Everyone- Creator and seller of high quality materials for the classroom. In this interview, I ask Lori about the genesis of her business and what she has discovered in being a web-based enterprise. Lots of content.

Find them on the web at: http://montessoriforeveryone.com


Pre-Reading Activities, from Montessori for Everyone

Thank you to Lori Bourne of Montessori for Everyone for this great set of activities for pre-reading:


Sensorial Exercise, Material Composition Board

Here's another presentation from our archives presented by Tracy Charlesworth-John – Port Orford, OR

Material Composition Board

The idea for the "Materials Composition Blocks" was inspired by my daughter and her friend.

We were all sitting around the table, drinking and eating. My daughter's friend says, "I know what that is," (pointing to a glass), "That's glass.”

And my daughter replied, "That's plastic," (pointing to another cup). And her friend continued, "That's ceramic.”

So I held up a lid to a mason jar, and my daughter replies, "metal.” And we continued with the different materials that we see in our everyday settings. They were both really proud of their ability to identify and feel the varying textures and weights and seemed excited to express their knowledge!

The sensorial exercise is in the style of the "rough and smooth" boards and the "material match". There are 6 pairs of wooden blocks- each pair mounted with one of the following compositions: Metal, plastic, wood, cork, rubber, glass or ceramic. (Blocks are sorted into baskets, one of each pair (6 total) per basket.

Thank you Tracy!