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Interview with Courtney Holland, Director of Harbour Pt. Montessori Early Learning Center,Mukilteo, WA

Listen to my interview with Courtney and learn more about her work with special needs children. Courtney also provided us with some additional resources to address special needs individuals and their families (see below):

Contact Courtney Holland at: CRH80@aol.com

Special Education Resources

-Infant Toddler Early Intervention Program (ITEIP): This is the state lead agency for identifying and serving children under 3 years of age with disabilities.

-The ARC of Snohomish County: This is a national advocacy group for individuals with disabilities. This organization provides a great deal of support and resources for those in the community.

-Circle of Inclusion: This is a website that provides great information about the benefits of inclusive practices for children and families of those with disabilities as well as the benefits for those children and families without disabilities.

-Disability is Natural: This is a website that has wonderful resources including information about “People First Language.” This way of speaking and thinking includes identifying an individual with a disability just that, an individual before their disability. They therefore are a person or child first.