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Entries in Montessori and nature (22)


Art and Nature

This article excerpt and land-art picture (taken from The Artful Parent blog) is one of many creative ideas that utilize the beauty in our natural environment. (Be sure to also check out some amazing and fun beach sculptures on the Artful Parent weblink!):

"Richard Shilling on Land Art for Kids...

What’s a simple land art project we could all do with our children today in our backyard or neighborhood park?

  • Explore wherever you are and collect one leaf from each different plant you can find (beware of poison ivy!)
  • Examine each leaf and see the different colours, thicknesses, vein structures and so on
  • Lay your leaves out on the ground or thread them onto sticks to display them"

Science & Nature Songs!

Wendy Duvall, UMA student from Oxford, OH, sends us this amazing and fun link!

"While I was hunting around for physics songs (for a UMA Science Theme Project) I stumbled upon this great series of LPs from the 50's. They have such great songs that match up fantastically with much of the Montessori material. I thought I'd pass it along..." 

(Click here for YouTube video) 

Thanks Wendy! Check out more Nature Songs, sung by Marais & Miranda, on this YouTube site. This is just one part of a 6 LP set called Singing Science. This set came out in the late 50's/early 60's and exposed children to different science topics through fun and catchy little songs. 


(Photo courtesy of Daphnea Solomon, UMA graduate and owner/director of Tupelo Children's House - Montessori School)


Natural Playgrounds

Continuing our Earth Day theme....Natural Playgrounds Company has the right idea: A lower carbon footprint, safe and more sustainable, plus they have a higher play value (discovery oriented). Check it out the video and be inspired!

Natural Playgrounds Company



Leaf Poem

Children love to act out this poem. Don't be surprised if you hear, "Let's do it again!"


LEAVES ARE FALLING TO THE GROUND (wiggle fingers, sway arms, moving them downwards)


SOFTLY FALLING, LIKE THE RAIN, (repeat movement)

       (pause...gently taping the top of your head)) OH! 



Decorating for Autumn

Happy all in the Northern Hemisphere!

‘Tis the season for blustery weather, brilliant colors, falling leaves, carved pumpkins, spiced cider…  Winter will be upon us soon enough. In the meantime, here is just one of a few ways to celebrate Autumn in your classroom or home. Make sure the children are fully involved in making the decorations from beginning to end, even if the cut version looks like anything but a leafy hand…after all, leaves come in all shapes and sizes!


Trace a hand on fall-colored construction paper.  Cut out. Punch a hole. Thread through hole. Hang from ceiling. Create a seasonal feel of falling leaves right in your classroom! No need to write names on each's a community effort and fun to wonder, "Who's leafy hand is that?" 



Just a glimpse of Sunriver 2010


End of Summer Series: Some things UMA does on Summer Break !

Okay, this first one in our End of Summer series is what we do all year with our dog Kavi.  As a Montessori dog, notice his supreme concentration, self-discipline and overall joy of learning ( well, he's not exactly learning something new here)!!!  Now, if we could only get the instructor to practice silence during the activity.



The Spider Web

Aaack - It's an arachnid!
The direct aim of this exercise is to introduce children to the different types of webs as enrichment to the spider unit. The indirect aim is to pique an interest in zoology, habitats of living things, and ecology.

Types of Webs: Funnel, Sheet, and Orb.
Notice the two-step cards in the photo below on the right (click to enlarge). The child can connect the dots and make their own spider web.


Template for the connect-the-dots spider web.
(As shown above)


Sorting cards with pictures of the three different kinds of webs and title labels.
Suggestion: have 2-5 clear pictures of each kind of web and mount each picture on a different color paper to provide a control of error.


A spider web peg board with a transparent string attached to create webs.


From the 2010 PNMA Sharing Fair in Seattle, Washington USA, by Ms. Riddhi

Getting Children (and us) Out There!

Why Be Out There?

Today's kids spend only four to seven minutes outside per day. They log more than seven hours per day in front of electronic media.

Make a difference in the health and well-being of our children--and feel the difference that it makes in you.

Join the Be Out There™ movement and spend more time outdoors. 

Visit to learn more!


UMA Photo Contest Winner !

Congratulations to Martha Huester, from Surabaya, Indonesia, living in Nairobi, Kenya. Martha is the winner of the UMA Photo Contest with her photo entry entitled:


“Exploring Nature” 

This is a photo of her son, Florian at age 1 year 7 months. The photo has excellent clarity and the angle helps capture Florian’s intense focus. This is clearly a “Montessori Moment.” It includes nature, beauty, reality, exploration, discovery, concentration, curiosity, independence, joy, and more.

Martha will be receiving a $50 gift certificate to access beautiful educational downloads at the Montessori for Everyone store (donated by Lori Bourne). She will also receive the 2010 Book of the Year by Creative Child Magazine “Go Green With Me” from The Little Environmentalist (donated by Rebecca Matanno, author). 

Thanks to everyone who turned in entries.  It was a difficult choice.  And many thanks to our special donors for their participation, support, and generosity. And thank you, Martha Huester, for sharing your “Montessori Moment” with us all.