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Culture/History Lesson: The Days of Creation, Genesis 1:1 - 2:3

Hopefully, all parents and teachers of all backgrounds will welcome this activity on the classroom shelf and be able to view this as, at the least, an exercise in story telling (Old Testament literature).

I was inspired to make this activity based upon the Godly Play curriculum created by Jerome Barrymore. Godly Play is used in children’s ministry and is Montessori based, similar to Catechesis of the Good Shepherd by Sophia Cavaletti.

 Displayed at the 2010 PNMA Sharing fair in Seattle, WA 


I found the left-over counter tiles in our garage and was thrilled to be able to “recycle” and “reuse” them for this project…they look and feel so appealing! I painted them with an acrylic paint (found in any hobby shop) and sprayed them with a final clear coat for protection (child safe). They have withstood well for the past two years, with no touch up required.

  1. Basket
  2.  Black felt underlay
  3.  Seven tiles with the following very basic (no faces) illustrations:

Day 1-3:

Day 4-7: 

Steps in Presentation:

(Although the Godly Play curriculum provides a specific script, I leave the language used as your own choice)

  1. Using two hands carry the basket from its place on the shelf and place on floor mat
  2.  Unroll underlay from left to right
  3. Introduce each tile in proper sequence, laying them down from left to right on the underlay
  4. Name each day
    OPTIONAL: end each “day” with a blessing by hovering your right hand over the tile (…"God said, 'It is    good.'...") 
    OPTIONAL: pause to ponder and wonder at end of Day 7
  5. Return each tile to tray in sequence
  6. Roll up underlay and return to basket
  7. Using two hands, carry and return basket to original place on shelf

Age Level: 3+

Control of Error: 

  1. Numbers on back of tile (optional)
  2. Control Chart (optional)
  3. Bible 


  1. Order
  2. Sequence
  3. Sense of time
  4. Sense of history
  5. Biblical account of the days of creation

By Trudy Coumou Shepard