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Entries in Montessori and education (6)


The Montessori Classroom

A brief introduction to the Montessori classroom. Enjoy! 

The Montessori Classroom: "The Three Year Cycle" from zac potterfield on Vimeo.



Why Montessori?


Grow Your Child's Think Capacity: Step 1

First, Change Your Education Paradigm. 
Here's an excellent introduction for parents and adults to change how they think about education.  

* Some of the views/opinions expressed in this video may not reflect the views/opinions of UMA.


How can Failure be Good?

We all want our children to succeed. How do we best help them do that? By providing them an environment that allows freedom - freedom to explore, discover, and learn. And part of this freedom is allowing mistakes. It is part of the learning process.

This is, after all, real life! 

Our Montessori children are provided an environment that lets them be confident. They do not have a fear of failure...why? Because they do not look at "failure" as something that hinders them, but instead, they are challenged to continue seek solutions, to correct mistakes, or simply accept them. It is all part of the joy of learning!

Here is a recent Time Magazine article entitled "The Importance of Failure: Why We're Wrong About Being Right" It's a great read about adult risk takers who's successes were preceded by failures. Click on link, above...and open to failure in life!


Photo: Courtesy of Daphnea Solomon-Tupelo Children's House, Montessori School


Wise Words

...for both parents and educators:



Dr Steve Hughes: Montessori and the Future of Education