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Entries in food and nutrition (4)


Healthy Valentine's Day!

Here's a great idea for a healthy snack on Valentine's Day. Super easy to make! Click on the heart-shaped carrots and enjoy!

(photo and recipe by


Healthy Eating Habits

To read the first lady's checklist for promoting healthy eating habits for children at childcare facilities, click the photo for full article. It is a good BASIC reminder:


  1. Provide one to two hours of physical activity daily
  2. No screen time for children under 2...
  3. Serve fruits and vegetables at every meal, eat family-style when possible, and no fried foods
  4. Provide access to water throughout the day, and do not serve sugary drinks
  5. Support mothers who want to breastfeed by providing mother's milk to infants and welcoming mothers who want to breastfeed their children during the childcare day

Full Circle 

Read how Mountain Valley Montessori School in North Bend, Washington is helping children "learn about eating well and appreciating food through experience."

Click for FULL CIRCLE FARM article.



In support of World Food Day!

In support of World Food Day, here are couple of links. The first, is take a quiz that increases your knowledge of food issues.

Go to:

The second, is an article about foods for children with ADHD: