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UMA Student Newsletter


Plant a Garden

"Together we discover where our food comes from. We taste fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers, tend and harvest crops, collect seeds, make compost and find critters." 

Seattle Tilth offers wonderful opportunities for schools and families in the Seattle area. They will even bring their garden curriculum to you with their mobile garden classroom. Some of their dynamic lessons: "Soil In A Box," "Teach Peace Through Gardening," "Worms on Wheels" and others. Check out the full article to see what all else they offer (click on photo).




Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a simple Valentine's Day sewing activity for your Practical Life area.

Simple modification for the children: Glue a few cloth heart shapes together and sew a button in the center. (Too many felt pieces glued together makes it difficult to pull the needle through.) Then use a safety pin to wear on shirt or dress...SWEET!


Grow Your Child's Think Capacity: Step 1

First, Change Your Education Paradigm. 
Here's an excellent introduction for parents and adults to change how they think about education.  

* Some of the views/opinions expressed in this video may not reflect the views/opinions of UMA.


The Beauty of Math

Just for fun!

For more Beauty of Math, click:


Television & Child Brain Development

A must watch..The science around television and its effect on children and concentration.                              Click on the photo below for video:                                                




Check out this supporting link:  Seattle Children's Hospital 


Parents - Educators - Caregivers       ... PLEASE ...

Turn off the TV!!


Chinese New Year

2012 - Year of the Dragon. Chinese Lunar New Year is the largest annual festival celebrated by Chinese and Chinese descendants around the world. The New Year celebration begins on the 1st day of the Chinese lunar calendar (this year: January 23rd) and ends on the 15th day with Lantern Festival. To help celebrate, here is a festive craft idea that is simple enough for a preschooler to make on his/her own, yet fun for all ages.  

1-Provide precut rectangular paper, with a dotted line in the center to indicate where to fold:

2- If necessary, draw lines for cutting:

3-Unfold. Use a stapler, glue, or tape to secure the bottom and top edges:

 4-Provide a pre-cut 6" strip for the handle and staple on top of "lantern":


5-Hang additional on a string in celebration! Don't limit yourself to just one color!


"Gung hay fat choy!" 


Counting Snowflakes

It's Winter here in the Pacific Northwest, with lots of snow flakes coming down...and more on the way. A rare treat for us Seattleites!

makinglearningfun.comHere's a fun, snow-inspired Math activity you can make yourself as part of your Winter Theme in the classroom (or at home). Click on the snowman for templates and instructions. 

Note: If you can't obtain "snowflake pasta," then use your imagination. How about cotton balls? Or...get the hole puncher out with some white paper from the recycling bin and have the children make their own snowflakes.

Enjoy...and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 



Martin Luther King Day

Greetings from UMA! We are back from our Winter Break on January 15th and will officially return to the office on Tuesday the 17th, the day after Martin Luther King Day. We wish you all a blessed, peace-filled year ahead. (Click on photo below for classroom ideas posted on the UMA Facebook Page):


A Boy and his Tea Set

Daphnea Solomon, owner/director of Children's House Montessori - Tupelo, sent us this priceless photo of her son, now a teenager... From the archives of the Solomon Montessori Home:


"Hayden serving up some hot (warm) tea to mama and then himself from his glass tea set. As you can see, 'every boy NEEDS a glass tea set'! This was the summer before kindergarten. I think he was covered in mud from head to toe about an hour after this picture. He's a well rounded kid, I have to say!"

So what are all the benefits?

Grace, Poise, Courtesy, Concentration, Hand-eye Coordination, Refinement of Movement (gentle hands), Balance (carrying), Confidence, Self Control, Respect, Independence, Appreciation for Beauty, Order, Responsiblity...

The Joy of Serving Others!



Side note: If you are planning to provide a tea set at home or in the classroom, NO PLASTICS! Glassware or porcelain is essential.


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