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Math: Original Project

A fun activity for classroom or home!

May Brymn from Silver Spring Maryland shares her Math original project for UMA. She uses all natural materials...wood tray and glass candle holders. Very inviting!



In support of World Food Day!

In support of World Food Day, here are couple of links. The first, is take a quiz that increases your knowledge of food issues.

Go to:

The second, is an article about foods for children with ADHD:


Parental Guidance on Web Video for Children

NY Times


Published: October 8, 2009 The Internet offers a vast amount of video, not all of it suitable for young eyes. But parents can let their children explore while still curating what they see.

Check it out:

From UMA


Today is Children's Day in Several Countries

Emilia Gomez, UMA student from San Salvador, El Salvador, says, “In my country, (today) is ‘The Day of the Child’ - all the Schools make parties for their kindergarten (preschool) students. We are going to celebrate until Friday. It will be nice!”

Children’s Day was first celebrated worldwide in October, 1953, under the sponsorship of International Union for Child Welfare, Geneva. Basically this day was instituted with the sole aim of promoting communal exchange and understanding among children, as well as to bring about beneficiary action to promote the welfare of children, all over the globe. Children’s Day is celebrated worldwide on different days of the year, depending upon the country. Today, October 1st, Children’s Day is celebrated in El Salvador, Guatemala, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.

Thank you Emilia for sharing this with the UMA community!

Happy Children’s Day!


Mentoring/Role Models

All children benefit from strong, healthy role models in class ( that being you and your staff) as well as in the home.  Perhaps you have a child who is in need of a mentor or role model. Numerous studies show that when we give children strong role models they are less likely to engage in anti-social behavior and more likely to graduate from high school. One particular study revealed that children with an active mentor were 32% less likely to hit someone, 46% less likely to start using illegal drugs and 52% less likely to skip school.  We can create lasting change by starting in the early elementary grades with strong mentorship programs that focus on literacy.


Okay, sometimes we put in items that have no direct relation to the Montessori community except to say, this one is rock solid. Amazing how music can help us connect around the globe.

Take a look:

Stand By Me from Stan Glaser on Vimeo.

Linked by UMA


Ribbon Cutting at Whole Earth Montessori in Bothell, WA

What a great day at the Ribbon Cutting and Open House at Whole Earth Montessori School in Bothell, WA. Their new construction is "built green" and uses solar powered energy! A school that seeks to nourish the environment in so many ways.

Check it out:


Classroom Highlight from Emilia Gomez, El Salvador

Emilia Gomez, UMA student from El Salvador, shares a recent photo of her class.

Send UMA one of yours! It can be of your students, classroom or homeschooling. Just be sure to get permission for release. We love posting them and connecting our community through photos.


10 Apps for Teacher's Record Keeping, Social Networking and more... .

Here are 10 great applications for teacher's record keeping, social networking and more... . Many may not apply for your situation, but worth checking out:

If you like any of them let me know and be sure to comment on it ( see below)


5 Easy Steps to Bring Better Meals to your local school

Often in running your own classroom, you can get tied up just thinking about what goes on inside the four walls of your school. How about being an advocate for children everywhere? Here is something you can pass on to parents, other teachers and your community at large that is good for children.

5 Easy steps to bing better meals to your local school: