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Montessori and Art

It's all about process

Here is another beautiful Montessori example of opportunities for art in the classroom. It involves a specially prepared environment with the freedom to choose, explore, and express. (It does not involve learning to color within the assigned lines with mandated colors, with the focus on the final product.)

The end result...well, this picture speaks for itself.

A still life drawing by Addison: "My grandmother brought this doll back from India." Look at her self-assured posture and the pride and joy in her face!

As Daphnea Solomon, owner/director of Children's House Montessori - Tupelo, Mississippi, stated: "Addison brought out her best features :)"

And as Brittany Collins Johnson, Addison's Mom, responded: "That's my girl!!"


So much to be proud of, all around. Thanks, Addison, Brittany, and Daphnea for sharing.

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