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PNMA Spring Sharing Fair - Seattle

It's that time again! April 28th - the PNMA Spring Sharing Fair!

Here is a GREAT opportunity for ALL Montessori teachers to share lessons, generate ideas, and contribute to the diverse and broad spectrum of Montessori curriculum development by today's guides and students.


  • New Montessori Teachers: PNMA values the passion and talents of new teachers and wishes to encourage the path to a professional career by offering a year of FREE MEMBERSHIP to PNMA and an invitation to PARTICIPATE in the Fair. Yes, do it!
  • UMA Students: To establish a FREE MEMBERSHIP sponsored by The UNITED MONTESSORI ASSOCIATION, the membership application must include the name of the UMA Center.  PNMA membership requires approval, so they will contact UMA for confirmation of your student status.

Our thanks to the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association and all that they continue to offer the Montessori community at large!

The details of this special SHARING FAIR event are available on the PNMA website page.  Be sure to check their sidebar for additional links:

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