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Earth Day Celebration - Tip #1

Vegetable Gardens at Whole Earth Montessori in Bothell, WAEarth Day became an official "world celebration" back in 1970 in response to serious concerns about environmental degradation. As a result, primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities globally schedule acitivites to promote environmental awareness. 

Teachers: What will you be doing with your class to promote environmental responsibility... now, on Earth Day, and in the future?

Parents: What evironmental activities will you be incorporating into your every day lives with your children?

TIP #1:

Here are some creative "Going Green" activities for school or family celebrations, suggested by apples4theteacher:

  1. Make your decorations. Use construction paper to make shapes, confetti and streamers. Store the decorations for future uses.
  2. Shred regular paper to make stuffing for gift baskets and bags. Instead of filling an Easter basket with plastic grass, use green construction paper. In Christmas gifts, instead of tissue paper, use shredded paper and recycle it.
  3. Buy from countries that sell eco-friendly products. There are many countries that participate in fair trade. They create ornaments and gifts created from natural products. The price is cheaper and you would be helping a craftsman in need as well as the Earth.
  4. Decorate gift boxes instead of using wrapping paper. Kids can use crayons and markers to beautify their gifts. The wrapping paper just gets thrown away anyway. If you don’t have any drawing skills, wrap presents in colored butcher’s paper. It can be recycled when you are finished with it.
  5. Give a gift that keeps on giving. Some folks opt to make a donation in the name of another to a favored charity. If you know the favorite charity of the person receiving the gift, choose that one. Another gift idea is to have a star named after someone.
  6. Rent tables, chairs and meal utensils for big parties. You might not have enough silverware or plates for fifty people, but renting them is a better choice than going with disposable ware. You decrease your waste and everyone still has a good time.
  7. Give people reusable containers for leftovers. These containers are cheap to buy and each guest can continue to use them in their own home. It’s better than using two disposable plates.
  8. Go potluck. Each person brings a dish and they also take their dish back home. You have less to clean up and wash after the celebration.
  9. Give eco-friendly party favors. Instead of birthday hats, give kids a wooden toy they can play with over and over. If you do the party hat thing, use real hats instead of paper ones. You can even make it a fun part of the party and let them bring their own crazy hat. Kids and adults alike will have fun with all the different headwear people can come up with.

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