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Coconut Puffs!

UMA attended the PNMA Sharing Fair on April 30th at the beautiful Cedar River Montessori School in Renton, WA. There were many fun and creative ideas shared by Montessorians from around the greater Seattle area. Here is one entitled "Cocounut Puffs" by Fances Mead of Sunnyside Montessori in Seattle (Columbia City).  


  • To push the puffs into half-coconut shell through the "eye" of the shell
  • Develop eye/hand coordination
  • Stengthen hands
  • Practice concentration
  • Enjoy the beauty and touch of the coconut shell


  • Half a coconut shell (coconuts at some grocery stores are scored - these are easier)
  • After you have cut it in half, choose the half that has the eye(s); open one eye with a pointed knife, taking care to not make the hole too wide (you can widen it later if need be)
  • Puffs, about a dozen, made from yarn; wrap yarn around 2 fingers several times, tie in the middle, cut joined ends (should be somewhat challenging to work them into eye…they get fuzzier with use)
  • Coconut and Puffs may be arranged on a woven plate or tray 


  1. Take out the Coconut Puff Work and take it to the table
  2. Say, "This is the Coconut Puff Work"
  3. Take the puffs up one by one; twist and poke each into the eye of the coconut
  4. When all the puffs have disappeared, lift the coconut and show all the puffs, stacked in a colorful pile

Essential Movements

    Twisting puffs into eye of coconut


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