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Nature's Beauty - Smooth and Bumpy

UMA student, Renata Lemire from Alberta, Canada, shares her Montessori original Sensorial Project which she entitled: Nature's Beauty - Smooth and Bumpy.


  1. Wooden Tray
  2. Willow Basket
  3. Transparent vinyl smooth/bumpy mat cut same size as floor mat. One side is left smooth the other size has dried, clear, white glue ‘bumps’ randomly placed on it
  4. Cotton floor mat 
  5. 5 objects found in nature that are bumpy in texture with a corresponding match of the same object that is smooth in texture. Each pair of objects should be approximately the same size to one another. i.e.:  

*Birch and maple tree bark (better if cross section of a small log from each tree is available, so you do not have to kill a tree to obtain it

*A bumpy and a smooth stone

*An open, mature and an immature, but brown spruce pinecone

*Smooth wild berry and a berry made of tiny smaller ‘bumps’ similar to a raspberry (non-poisonous, of course!

*A smooth and a bumpy branch 




1) VISUAL: match the "same to same"

2) TACTILE: separate by "smooth and bumpy"


A very beautiful and inviting original Sensorial project!



The very clever "Smooth and Bumpy Mat" (below)

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