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Important Notice! 


A disturbing discovery was recently made regarding a less expensive version of Dr. Montessori’s book The Absorbent Mind that is being sold by some reputable on-line book dealers. This "BN Publishing" edition IS NOT a complete edition. There are critical pages missing from chapters, as well as an entire chapter. The phrasing and words in this version are a loose and distorted translation of her work.


Dr. Montessori’s original words: "The teacher, in this first period, before concentration has shown itself, must be like the flame which heartens all by its warmth, enlivens and invites.  There is no need to fear that she will interrupt some important psychic process, since these have not yet begun."

BN Publishing’s (incorrect) translation of these words: "Before concentration sets in the teacher can do what she likes more or less, because she upsets nothing important."  !!

The BN Publishing edition currently has a green chalkboard on the front cover. There is also one with a little girl raising her hand.  These may be a print-on-demand (POD) type editions. Front covers of two of the INCOMPLETE books:

Some other publishers of Dr. Montessori’s The Absorbent Mind are Dell – Bantam – Doubleday - Random House - Holt & Co publishing companies. These are all accurate translations. We encourage you to buy the newest edition available, currently with the forward by John Chattin-McNichols.

Below is one of the recognizable book covers that is an ACCURATE version:


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