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The Spider Web

Aaack - It's an arachnid!
The direct aim of this exercise is to introduce children to the different types of webs as enrichment to the spider unit. The indirect aim is to pique an interest in zoology, habitats of living things, and ecology.

Types of Webs: Funnel, Sheet, and Orb.
Notice the two-step cards in the photo below on the right (click to enlarge). The child can connect the dots and make their own spider web.


Template for the connect-the-dots spider web.
(As shown above)


Sorting cards with pictures of the three different kinds of webs and title labels.
Suggestion: have 2-5 clear pictures of each kind of web and mount each picture on a different color paper to provide a control of error.


A spider web peg board with a transparent string attached to create webs.


From the 2010 PNMA Sharing Fair in Seattle, Washington USA, by Ms. Riddhi

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