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Art: Cubism to Quilt

Daphnea Solomon of Tupelo Montessori School in Mississippi shares some creative ideas on Cubism - Art.

Daphnea: "I thought I'd share this with you. Kelly (teacher) found the Cubism on Montessori for Everyone during art week and put together the cubism paper you see in the picture (below). I think it will make a fine prerequisite to our 'already put together' quilt activity that we put out in the winter.

         (click to enlarge)

The Quilt activity is something we had already made up a couple of years ago, but the Cubism activity made me think that it would be a good idea to use as a prerequisite to the quilt thing as is it a simpler version. The quilt activities has squares and triangles with patterns on it. And we wanted the children to understand that quilt making is a form of art. 

I put that "quilt = art" and allow the children to come up with other things they think that "quilt =...." The student that did this example was a former student that had graduated with us and then moved away. She came back to visit and I had her help me with putting it together, so I use hers as an example now.

     (click to enlarge)

Over the years, I'm sure I will vary it, I've already got ideas swimming around in my head! Like; use real pcs. of scrap cloth, use what real quilters use to cut cloth into squares and triangles..., use fabric glue to glue real cloth squares onto real cloth to make a wall hanging... Of course the ideas are endless! I bring a special baby quilt that my mom made out of really small squares and put it on display."

Trudy: "I love the quilt idea. We used to have a giant loom in our classroom. We would collect different fabrics, tear them into strips a certain length, and allow the children to work on it at their leisure to make giant wall hangings (or small rugs)...a real community effort. It would take many weeks to finish one, but they always turned out so unique and beautiful. I love fabric art!"

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