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The Seasons of the Apple Tree

Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Curriculum

We know the school year is just over for many and summer is here. But, it's not too early to be thinking about themes for the upcoming year. The fall is the perfect time to have an apple theme since, here in the US, that will be harvest time. Depending on the variety, apples may also be ready to be picked in late July and August, so you can use this theme for your summer school program as well.

Pam Morgan - Elkins, WV
Edited by UMA
Apple seed pouring activity
Apple transfer work
Preparation of apple: washing, coring, cutting, serving, eating
Planting of apple seeds
Cooking apples: applesauce, baked apples, dried apples
Making apple cider with an apple press
Lacing apple cards

Tasting variety of apples
Apple tree puzzles
Smelling apple blossoms
Feeling the apple, the stem, a tree branch, the leaf
Mystery matching game with different sized apples
Dissect the apple
Compare apple’s skin to another fruit—smooth/rough

Season stages of apple tree in a story sequence activity: fall: leaves changing and falling colors; spring: blossoms; summer: green leaves and fruit; winter: bare dormant tree
Learning parts of the tree—felt activity/worksheet activity
Books on apples
Patterning: granny smith, golden delicious, red apples, etc.
Language worksheet with letter “a” for apple
Story sequencing activity in the life of an apple seed

Counting apples 
Learning fractions from cutting apple into 2, 3, 4 etc.
Memory game of numbers with apples—how many apples do you see?
Addition with different variety of apples
Make different shapes with apples
Measuring growth of seedling

Sink/float activity
Gravity activity
Planting seeds in different soil
Plant seeds in dark/no water compared to sun/water
How to prevent a brown apple experiment
Plant seeds and watch growth
Parts of an apple – classified nomenclature
Parts of an apple blossom – classified nomenclature
Montessori parts-of-a-tree puzzle
Montessori parts-of-a-leaf puzzle
Montessori parts-of-a-flower puzzle
Apple leaf rubbing

Read about Johnny Appleseed
Learn where apple orchards thrive
Time line of plant growth
Time line of seasons of tree
Food timeline—ripe to rotten
Learn about Sir Isaac Newton

Apple prints
Make dried apple doll
Still life drawing of apples/blossoms/tree
Still life painting of apples/blossoms/tree
Pressing apple blossoms
Tree branch painting

Apple orchard
Grocery store
Apple butter making

Apples and Bananas
Apple Picker’s Reel
You Are the Sunshine of My Life
My Favorite Things
Apples and Oranges
Five Green Apples Hanging On The Tree


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