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Male, Female, Baby

Here is another idea that we discovered at the last PNMA Teachers Sharing Fair in Seattle. We recommend that you introduce this exercise in stages, depending upon the age level (see below). 


Here are some suggestions, in order of simple to complex:

  • Separate each of the animals in groups of three (all the horses, all the elephants...)
  • Sequence each of these groups by lining them up from large to small
  • Introduce the stand-up "male, female, baby" cards and line up each group underneath
  • Introduce a control chart which indicates the proper names of animals in each group
  • Find and place the proper label for the male, female, and baby animal in each group

 Names for animals shown in photo:

  • Cow...bull, cow, calf
  • Horse...stallion, mare, colt(m) or filly(f)
  • Giraffe...bull, doe, calf
  • Elephant...bull, cow, calf

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Reader Comments (2)

And here's a song to go with the work!

Tune: Farmer in the Dell
1)All baby animals, have parents, too.
A mommy and daddy, just like you.
2)The piglet has a Dad, He's called a hog.
The piglet has a mommy, too,
and she is called a sow.
foal: dad – stallion, mom - mare
kid: dad - billy goat, mom - nanny goat
By F. Michelson, M. Saleh, T. Soriano, B. Rowell, L. Vaz, J. Smokler

November 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDiana Zegers

Thanks Diana for this special gift!

November 4, 2010 | Registered CommenterJohn M Shepard

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