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My Jack-o-Lantern

Another fun poem to recite with the children!

 My Jack-o-Lantern

 See my jack-o-lantern?

 He's smiling right at you.

 You don't have to be afraid,

                    Because he won't say….........BOO!!


The first time you introduce this poem, pause briefly before the "boo" and then say it gently. Then ask the children if they would like to recite it again with a scary "boo" this time. Repeat...they will happily listen with great anticipation and squeel with delight at the BOO!!" (If you/they don't have a jack-o-lantern, pretend to hold one in your hands.

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Reader Comments (1)

Does anyone know the course code for the Montessori Certifcation?

October 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGiselda Johnson

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