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Raking Leaves

Kit Li, a UMA graduate from Alberta, Canada shares her UMA original project, which is a clever Practical Life activity for the classroom entitled, "Raking Leaves." 

Start out with:

  • A mat 
  • Wicker basket filled with leaves
  • Bamboo rake

Kit marked the rake with two separate lines to indicate hand positions as a control of error. 


Although Kit used real leaves in this presentation, she has found that colorful silk leaves work very nicely. They do not dry out (avoiding a crumbly mess) and you can continue leaf raking throughout the entire year.

Steps in presentation include:

  • Roll out mat and place to right of wicker basket
  • Kneeling, gently scoop leaves with both hands onto mat, starting at top, moving in a left-to-right direction until all leaves have been removed and the mat is covered
  • Stand, hold rake by placing hands carefully on marked lines, and begin raking leaves into a pile in the middle of the mat, starting at the top left
  • Return rake
  • Kneeling, gently scoop leaves in similar manner back into the wicker basket
  • Roll up mat, stand, and return


  • Hay
  • Pinecones


  • Raking leaves!
  • Order
  • Concentration
  • Independence
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Indirect preparation for language (left to right - reading/writing)

 Thank you, Kit Li, for sharing!

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Reader Comments (1)

I love this activity! I think it's a great, easily managed introduction to raking leaves as well as a good activity when children need to be indoors. I've featured this post at

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