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Cultural Experience- The Norooz Table

The Norooz Table - A Cultural Experience

This Spring, UMA went for a visit to Harborpointe Montessori School in Mukilteo, WA and found a beautiful table display called “The Norooz Table.” Norooz in Persian means New Year Day. It is the traditional beginning of the new year in Iran and goes back 15,000 years. It begins at the beginning of spring on vernal equinox, March 21.

Generally, wheat, barley, lentils, and other vegetables seeds are soaked to grow on china plates and round earthenware vessels some ten days in advance, so that the sprouts are three to four inches in height by Norooz. A table is laid. Displayed here are typical items, such as candle, incense burner, bowl of water with live gold fish, the plate with green sprouts, fruit (apple), coins, fresh garlic, and painted boiled egg. Articles are prominently exhibited in small bowls or plates on the table. The whole table, beautifully laid, symbolizes the Message and the Messenger, light, reflection, warmth, life, love, joy, production, prosperity, and nature. It is considered thanksgiving table for all the good beautifully bestowed by God.

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