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Seven Essential Traits of Leaders (cont.)

Integrity is another important quality of good leadership. The effective leader firmly adheres to his or her code of values. This does not mean that the leader is an inflexible person; to the contrary, effective leaders are often highly flexible and willing to compromise on many issues. However, effective leaders will not compromise when their core code of values are challenged. 

Integrity is important for two reasons. Adhering to a code of values is essential to an individual's self-worth. Without self-worth, an individual cannot lead effectively. Producing movement and change frequently results in a barrage of challenges to the leader's role, expertise, and value to the organization. Without self-worth, it is unlikely that the leader will "survive" the barrage. Secondly, people expect leaders to operate on a high ethical plane; if a leader shows a lack of integrity, it is unlikely that the leader's people will follow the leader for long.

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