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Seven Essential Traits of Leaders (cont.)

How is your Drive?

People who provide effective leadership always seem to have above average energy levels, often much above average. They appear to thrive on achieving something important and being in a position to influence others to achieve. This inner drive is often associated with high personal standards, a certain dissatisfaction with the status quo, and a tendency to push for continuing improvements and achievement of goals. Observers often sense this restless ambition after being with leaders for only a short time. 
A strong internal drive to achieve and succeed is probably essential, simply because leadership can be absolutely exhausting. The hours are long. The problems can be huge. Yet it may take sustained effort for years to accomplish the kinds of change associated with leadership. It is difficult to imagine people with less than a high level of internal drive handling the long hours required and the problems encountered over such a long period of time.

Suggestion: do an assessment of both your body and mind. How do you feel physically? Are you getting enough exercise? Diet? Is your mind cluttered with too many details that you lack concentration. Again, do a personal assessment, take notes and come up with a plan. Then share it with others who should know of your personal changes of habit, who can encourage you and allow you the space you need to make what may be significant changes in you.

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