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Seven Essential Traits of Leaders (cont.)

The second is Emotional Stability

A quality exhibited by many good leaders is having a stable emotional outlook especially in times of crisis. With few exceptions, the great leaders in history have exhibited the ability to control their emotions in the face of immense situations and problems.

Winston Churchill, George Washington, Napoleon, and Robert E. Lee were each viewed by their contemporaries as "islands of calm" during the heat of battle.

 Women such as Rosa Parks, Indira Ghandi and Margaret Thatcher- demonstrated a keen mix of intelligence, humility and inner strength.

Why is emotional control important? Consider two people who lose emotional control during an argument. Both lose objectivity. Both say and do things that they later regret. Nothing is accomplished except alienation. Unfortunately this scenario is probably repeated thousands of times each day in the business world. The effective leader, however, keeps his or her emotions in check, thereby remaining in a position to make intelligent decisions, accomplish positive results, and serve as an "anchor" for his or her group during times of change or crisis.

Question: does your administrative and teaching team at school see you as the calm voice of reason even in the midst of chaos?

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