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Distance Learning continued..."Helpful do's and don'ts

All of us have experienced the ravages of email such as spam and junk mail that often we can become a bit calloused in our approach to sitting behind this machine when we would rather be out experiencing the riches of life ( Whatever that may be? You fill in the blank_______).

So here are some helpful thoughts that will make it a more rewarding and productive experience:

1) Use proper etiquette such as a personal greeting and/or salutation when addressing your instructor or someone involved in the course.
2) Don't appear too casual in your language or thought. Remember, you are being evaluated upon what you know and how you are interpreting the material.
3) Stay away from what some call "virtual heated arguments". That is, using inflammatory language or highly emotional messages that only incite negative responses. For Montessorians and here at UMA, this is very important since our first step into the Montessori world has to do with Grace and Courtesy.
4) Keep your comments short and on topic. Especially in the body of emails. Your course material may ask for more but when it comes to the actual email message, short is sweet!
5) Add your name to your messages. Some email programs will automatically add your signature but some will not. Stay personable by using your name instead of your email address. Especially if it is: "honeybear@..." or "bigkahuna@...". You get the point.

Next post we will continue with more practical do's and don'ts.

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