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A Music Project: "Musical Cans"

Connie Bradley from Trussville, Alabama also shares her original Music project, titled “Musical Cans.”

Wooden dowel and knob for dowel
Eight wooden clothes pins
Four empty cans
Four pieces of string
Wooden bar to hang cans
-Glue 4 clothespins to the top of the wooden bar. Leaving a clothes pin length between each one. Glue 1 clothes pin to the bottom of each can.
-Take 1 string at a time, and glue the ends of the string to the inside of the clothespin on the wooden bar. Close the pin and allow the glue time to dry. (I used all-purpose cement glue. I put it in a smaller glue bottle because it was easier for Nathan to handle. The glue is non-toxic.)
(While the glue is drying, the cans can be used as an art project. The child can decorate them, using newspaper, buttons, stones, paints, etc…be creative!)
-Once the glue has dried, connect the string to the clothespin on the bottom of the can. Attaching largest can to the left, smallest can to the right.
-Push the wooden dowel into the wooden knob.
The child is ready to hold the wooden bar and use to dowel to hit the cans to make different sounds.
Variations to this project:
• The child can add metal washers, screws, etc. inside the cans to help make different sounds.
• Place the bar on the table, connect the clothespins in a vertical position, clip the cans upside down on the clothespins and hit the bottoms of the cans for sound. You would eliminate the need for the strings, and have a tabletop version of the instrument in lieu of one to hold.
• Once the child has mastered this project, they can add bells and other items to the strings to make additional sounds.

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