"Education, therefore of little ones is important, especially from three to six years of age, because this is the embryonic period for the formation of character and of society."

Dr. Maria Montessori

Licensing, Memberships and Affiliations

UMA is licensed by the State of Washington – Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. UMA is governed by strict State and Federal statutes and regulations, and licensed to provide Montessori Teacher Training and Certification, in the USA and worldwide. Since 1988. http://www.wtb.wa.gov


UMA is an active member of the Northwest Career Colleges Federation, attending lobbying efforts in Olympia, Washington to promote and maintain standards of excellence in adult career education. http://www.nwcareercolleges.org


UMA is an active member, having served on the board of the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association. PNMA is a non-profit organization, working harmoniously in supporting, nurturing, and connecting Montessori teachers and administrators from diverse training backgrounds across the Pacific Northwest. http://www.pnma.org

UMA is an approved provider for Independent and Public School Districts in the USA, to train teachers for teacher certification in the Montessori method at the primary level.